Volunteer Induction - Rights & Responsibilities

This interactive workshop ensures new volunteers are aware of 

  • their rights and responsibilities
  • the expectations of their organisation's volunteer experience is positive and pleasant 
  • understand their job description or work procedures 

Managing challenging situations

This interactive workshop helps participants be aware of their responsibilities and expectations when they come across a challenging situation or behavior. 

Participants will develop strategies in

  • identifying a challenging situation and what is and is not tolerated 
  • dealing with challenging personalities or strong emotions
  • dealing with challenging situations or people who are challenging 
  • conflict resolution

Boundaries & Duties of Care

This interactive workshop creates an awareness of the need for maintaining personal boundaries, confidentiality and your duty of care.

It helps develop strategies for

  • dealing with challenging situations where our professional and personal boundaries are threatened
  • responding to difficult situations
  • dealing with certain personalities
  • working within our job descriptions
  • maintain personal and professional boundaries and avoid negligence 

Cultural Awareness

This workshop uses case studies and youtube clips to provide an insight into cultural diversity and practices. It explores causes of cultural conflict and ways to work with people from diverse cultures and those countries affected by war or trauma. 

Having Enabling Conversations

This workshop is for volunteers who play a pivotal role in their conversations with older Australians. By listening and asking enabling questions, volunteers are in a strong position to assist older people to identify their real goals and clarify their needs and strengths prior to assessment.

Participants will develop awareness and skills in asking enabling questions that encourage older Australians

  • to identify what they 'can do' and 'want to be able to do'
  • to prioritise the goals that are important and meaningful to them so they can continue to live at home.

Social interaction

In this session participants will have an awareness of: 

  • why people have a reduced ability to engage in the community
  • the benefits to the individual, organisation and society of improved social interactions
  • the connection between social interaction and workplace/compliance 

And a toolbox of strategies for conversation starters and stoppers. 

Workplace Health and Safety for Volunteers

This workshop creates an awareness of the WH&S obligations of volunteers and their managers. Through case studies and scenarios volunteers explore strategies for dealing with WH&S issues. 

Recognising signs of abuse among the elderly

This workshop promotes a greater understanding of violence and abuse experienced by elder people uses scenarios from the DVD "Don't knock your Granny" as a training tool to help identify and respond to abuse.

Conflict Resolution

Volunteers come across diverse personalities in diverse situations. They may feel misunderstood or taken for granted. These situations can lead to conflict.

This workshop provides volunteers with strategies to minimise conflict situations.