About this opportunity

Duties include:

Commence Run at 9.00am from The O’Brien Centre (Bloomfield Hospital)Pick up Consumers who live in the community from residences throughout Orange

  1. Pickup Consumers who are inpatients from locations within the Bloomfield Hospital Grounds
  2. Complete Bus Run around 10.15 (must always have offsider in case a problem arises)
  3. Always Leave Bus in a Clean and Presentable Condition and Refueled
  4. And be on call for 1.30 pm Drop off Return Trip Finishing By Roughly 2.30 pm
  5. Some physical assistance is required at times with consumers with disabilities

This Exercise is carried out Every Thursday excepting School Holidays.

Volunteers who want to stay on at the Centre between bus runs and support activities at the Centre may be able to do so but that involvement is not covered by this Position Description and will need to be discussed separately. The Bus Driver’s role is important to ensuring mental health consumers who live in the community are able to attend the Centre, which is in a quiet, out-of-the-way location.