Community Visitors Scheme (CVS)


The Community Visitors Scheme is designed to help establish links between people living in an aged care facility and their local community. The Commonwealth Department of Health and Family Services provides financial support to community-based organisations to operate the Community Visitors Scheme.

The Community Visitors Scheme is to:

  • Improve the quality of life of residents in nursing homes
  • Assist residents to maintain their independence
  • Enhance residents’ social contacts
  • Minimise residents’ isolation from the general community.

More about being a community visitor:

Some residents of aged care homes don’t have regular contact with relatives or friends from outside the aged care home.

As a community visitor, you add to the quality of life of the resident by being a companion and friend.
Community visitors visit the resident at least once a fortnight. The visitor and the resident may like to read, chat, do crosswords, reminisce, or listen to music. If the resident is able, they might take a walk around the grounds.

Your weekly/fortnightly visit connects the resident with the community.

Community Visitors Scheme

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The Community Visitors Scheme (CVS), funded by the
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