Knit Happens

Knitting sensory sleeves for people with
Dementia or Alzheimer’s


What is a sensory sleeve?

Sensory stimulation has been shown to not only bring enjoyment to people living with Dementia or Alzheimer’s but also assists in fighting against anxiety and depression.

Comfort sleeves are made using different colours and textures of wool. They are embellished with buttons, beads, ribbons and bells just to name a few. These sleeves provide warmth, visual, tactile and sensory stimulation.


The Knit Happens group meet on the first Thursday or each month between 1pm-3pm. 
If you would like to join in on this fun activity, give us a call on 6332 4866.


If you are unable to attend but would still like to help, you can contribute to this wonderful project by donating wool oddments plus decorations such as large buttons, beads, ribbons, bells and squishy things.