Providers in Aged Care Sector

Equip Aged Care Learning at Wicking Dementia Research & Education Centre, University of Tasmania

This introductory presentation was delivered by the Wicking Dementia Research & Education Centre, University of Tasmania at the Northern Collaborative Project (NCP) Network meeting on Wednesday 8 November 2023.

Funded by the Department of Health and Aged Care, the Wicking Dementia Centre has launched a free online microlearning program- Equip Aged Care Learning to build capacity within the aged care sector. The online program was designed to be easy to access, requiring minimal downtime to complete, while still providing essential learning to assist with the provision of quality care.

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    Bite sized training around Aboriginal Kinship systems

    These are great bite sized training sessions for CHSP providers to gain a better understanding of:

    • Aboriginal Kinship systems and how they operate
    • Aboriginal social structures and how these are different to Western societies
    • potential conflict in working with people from differing cultural backgrounds
    • how cultural difference impacts upon Aboriginal people in the social systems which operate in Australia (through education, criminal justice systems and the legal system more broadly, etc.).
      Kinship Module – Kinship Module – The University of Sydney 26

      Service Model Review and Optimization Training for CHSP providers

      Inner West Sydney, Central West and Orana Far West Regions are facilitating a training session on Service Model Review and Optimization.


        Professional Practice Series for Direct Care Workers

        The series builds direct service staff’s understanding & confidence in 3 key areas.

        :white_check_mark: UNDERSTANDING CONFIDENTIALITY
        26 October Find out more & register

        :white_check_mark: PROFESSIONAL BOUNDARIES
        2 November Find out more & register

        :white_check_mark: DOCUMENTATION & REPORTING
        9 November Find out more & register

        WHO’S IT FOR: Staff who work directly with clients and carers in CHSP-funded programs. This includes support workers, direct care workers, social support staff & allied health assistants.

        FACILITATED BY: Trish Miller from Kate Pascale & Associates.

        PRESENTED BY: The SSD Connect Alliance

        WHERE: Zoom

          Elder Abuse: Identifying, Responding & Referring Including SIRS reporting

          Elder Abuse: Identifying, Responding & Referring

          Presented by the Eastern Health Family Violence Project Team and the Eastern Community Legal Centre (ECLC) in conjunction with Eastern Health Community Health.
          Please join us online to learn more about elder abuse, including:

          • Identifying elder abuse
          • Using sensitive inquiry
          • Risk Factors and Indicators
          • Responding Respectfully
          • Referral Pathways
          • ELSA Health Justice Partnership
          • Secondary Consultation Options
          • MARAM and Information Sharing
          • SIRS reporting

          When: Thursday 16th November 2023 at 10am

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            Volunteers and Volunteer Managers: New training and resources available

            New training and resources are now available for volunteers and volunteer managers in aged care.

            The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission have published new resources 15 including videos, factsheets, and online modules.
            Topics include the:

            • Code of Conduct for Aged Care
            • Serious Incident Response Scheme (SIRS)
            • Complaints process.

            The Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN) has also published OPAN resources for volunteers 10 on:

            • elder abuse
            • the role of OPAN as an advocacy service.


              Upcoming workforce enhancement CHSP courses

              Vision Australia is hosting a range of workforce enhancements courses in 2023-2024 that are free to CSHP providers. 

              Introduction to accessible communications and marketing – Tuesday 3 October 130pm AEDT

              Vision Australia’s digital access experts invite CHSP providers to take part in a free webinar about accessible communications and marketing.

              The 2-hour webinar is suitable for CHSP aged care workers and communications and marketing staff and will cover:

              • practical advice on implementing accessible communication techniques for websites, emails, social media and documents
              • writing alternative text for images to ensure access for people who experience vision loss or blindness.
              • video captions, transcripts, sign language versions, audio description
              • ensuring text and language are readable for all.

              Please register to secure your spot at Introduction to Accessible Communications and Marketing | Humanitix 2

              There are 30 spots available. The course will also be available in March 2024.

              Email questions to

              How connect older people with smart technology – 16 October and 13 November

              Need advice encouraging older people to use smart technologies? Hundreds of Vision Australia CHSP recipients use Echo Dot to access information and remain connected to friends and family.

              This webinar covers Vision Australia’s Echo Dot program including:

              · How this pilot project has been scaled into a national program.

              · Examples of how Echo Dot has enhanced older people’s social participation and independence.

              · What participants have to say.

              · Challenges and advice on connecting older people with smart technologies.

              · Practical advice on introducing this technology to your clients.

              Register for Monday 16 October: Webinar Registration – Zoom 1

              Monday 13 November: Webinar Registration – Zoom 1

              Any questions? Email

              Introduction to Accessible Documents – Thursday 2 November 130pm AEDT

              Are your documents accessible to everyone? Unless you have undergone training, you risk creating documents that everyone can’t use including, people living with vision loss or blindness.

              Join Vision Australia’s 2-hour training webinar and learn how to:

              • Use the suite of inbuilt accessibility tools in Word, PDF and Adobe Acrobat.
              • Check Word and PDF documents to ensure accessibility requirements have been met.
              • Understand the importance of accessibility in documents.

              This course is free for CHSP providers and suitable for communications and marketing specialists and content authors. There are 30 spots available for this session.

              Register to secure your spot: Introduction to Document Accessibility (Word & PDF) | Humanitix 1

              Not free to attend?

              Please register for a session on 27 Nov, 31 Jan 2024 and 13 March 2024.

              Questions? Contact

              Introduction to Screen Readers – Wednesday 15 November 130pm AEDT

              Does your role involve social media, websites and content creation?

              Your platforms must be accessible to all, including for people living with vision loss or blindness.

              During this interactive two-hour training webinar learn:

              • What is a screen reader and who uses them?
              • Overview of the main screen readers available and advice on using them for testing.
              • How to test websites and content using the NVDA and iOS Voiceover screen readers.
              • The limitations and differences between the experience of a sighted person testing with a screen reader (who can see the screen) and a person who is blind using a screen reader.

              This session is free and available to CSHP providers.

              There are 20 spots available for each session.

              Please register to secure your spot: Introduction to Screen Reader Testing | Humanitix 2

              How to support older people displaying difficult behaviours – 21 November 12pm AEDT

              Struggling to support an older person who is displaying challenging behaviours?

              As an aged care provider, supporting older people can sometimes be challenging especially if they’re experiencing tough health conditions and major life changes.

              With CHSP providers preparing for reform, understanding how best to support the specific emotional needs of older people is critical.

              Vision Australia’s shares advice on the following:

              • What is driving the challenging behaviour
              • Ways to become aware of your emotions and managing unpleasant feelings
              • Methods that unpack why the individual might be distressed

              Register to secure your spot: Webinar Registration – Zoom 2


                The Basics of DEX Reporting Training for CHSP Providers

                16th October 2.00pm- 3.30pm 

                15th November 10am – 11.30am 

                4th December 2.00pm – 3.30pm 

                7th February 10.00am – 11.30am 

                11th March 2.00pm – 3.30pm 

                This 90 minute program will run through step by step how to work through your organisation’s DEX Reporting – an essential training for all staff completing DEX.

                It includes; What Is the Data Exchange; How is it Structured; More on Outlets; Data Exchange Framework; Priority Requirements; Data Exchange Protocols

                Learning objectives

                ✓ Provide learners with the foundational skills to report and make use of the Data Exchange

                ✓ Understand key elements of the Data Exchange (DEX) framework ✓ Be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide accurate reporting that is compliant with the Commonwealth Home Support (CHSP) Guidelines and reconciles with your organisation’s records

                ✓ Understand the importance of accurate record keeping and quality data

                ✓ Understand how data reported through DEX is used

                ✓ Know where to access resources to support your work

                  Understanding ourselves and others. CHSP training for providers. 26/09/2023.

                  During this series of 5 workshops, you will collaborate with managers from a range of different care organisations to develop your own leadership skills and capabilities. You will learn practical techniques and take away tools that can help you be a more effective leader for your team and organisation

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                    Psychological Health and Safety for Leaders webinar – 02/11/2023.

                    For years many leaders have understood the need to create a physically safe place to work. However, few leaders understand the positive impacts that reducing psychosocial risks and hazards can have on the wellbeing, productivity and performance of their team.

                    What is Psychosocial risk and why is managing it important?

                    The regulation of work health and safety has undergone recent changes, with regulators across Australia pushing to better address psychosocial hazards in the workplace. SafeWork Australia defines psychosocial hazard as “anything that could cause psychological harm (e.g. harm someone’s mental health).

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                      Aged Care Learning Packages

                      Equip Aged Care Learning Packages are designed for aged care workers, caregivers, and anyone interested in understanding the aged care sector.

                      The modules cover a range of topics including dementia care, palliative and end-of-life care, trauma-informed care and more.

                      Each free module takes 10 minutes to complete from a phone, tablet or computer. A downloadable certificate of completion is available for each module.

                      The final module on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Awareness is now available.

                      Equip Aged Care Learning Packages were developed by the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre, University of Tasmania, with funding from the Department of Health and Aged Care.

                      Take advantage of the free learning opportunity at Equip Aged Care Learning Packages.

                        Finance Essentials Training. 16th October  2023, 10am – 11.30am.

                        Sector Support and Development have engaged the Pontem team to deliver and provide digital training module and facilitated workshop that will start to unlock the secrets to financial excellence – and business sustainability. This module is designed for Operational Leaders who want to learn more about finance fundamentals.

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                          Recruitment and Retention of the Care Workforce training for CHSP 16th November 9am ADST

                          A conversation with Neil Eastwood on the challenges of the Care Workforce, lessons learned from the UK.

                          Together with the live session, you’ll get comprehensive insight and practical solutions relevant the care sector workforce challenges:

                          Neil Eastwood has shaken up the Care Sector by his brutally honest research findings and practical, down-to-earth solutions to find and keep care staff (especially those that you’d like to clone). Neil is an authority on care recruitment and retention, the author of the book Saving Social Care and the founder and CEO of Care Friends, the employee referral app for the sector.

                          ​He has spent the past thirteen years researching and testing best practice methods of finding and keeping care workers, helping providers transform their recruitment process. He was previously a director at a national home care provider with 10,000 staff and speaks internationally on how to find and keep great care staff.

                          Along with this you will have access to Neil’s masterclass, highly relevant, on-demand presentations that target the current care workforce challenges which your managers can view at any time

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                            Professional Boundaries for Direct Care Staff

                            Training for distribution to CHSP Providers
                            Professional Boundaries for Direct Care Staff.

                            This course will build your understanding and knowledge of professional boundaries. We will discuss how boundaries are developed and explore some of the issues that can compromise workers from being professional and becoming too involved with clients. We will also discuss difficulties that arise when staff operate outside the professional boundaries of the organisation.

                              26th September 2023 at 12.30pm

                              1st November 2023 at 10.00am

                              20th February 2024 at 10.00am

                              15th April 2024 at 10.00am

                              Trauma & Aged Care – Pheonix Australia

                              Many older people have experienced trauma at some point in their life. Aged care workers can also be exposed to trauma as part of their work. Information and resources are available for people affected by trauma and those who support them.

                                Click here to learn more about Trauma & Aged Care Managers

                                Click here to learn more about Trauma & Aged Care Workforce

                                Assisting someone to get in and out of car video by Carers NSW

                                Useful 3 mins video clips on assisting people getting in and out of cars developed by Carers NSW. Great for transport and social support providers.

                                  Assisting someone to get in the car:

                                  Click here to view

                                  Assisting someone to get out of the car:

                                  Click here to view

                                  LGBTI+ Awareness Training for CHSP Providers:

                                  Part 1 – Foundations

                                  This session of LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care awareness training provides introductory information regarding the experiences and needs of older LGBTI+ people to provide staff and services supporting older people in the community with basic awareness and a foundation on which to build LGBTI+ inclusive practice.

                                  This 2-hour, online session is delivered via Zoom and is for staff working across CHSP and/or supporting older people in the community or care settings. The session will provide participants with the following:

                                  • Information about the aged care sector requirements, frameworks & reforms regarding LGBTI+ inclusive practice
                                  • Awareness of LGBTI+ people, communities: terminology, definitions & history
                                  • Key aspects & issue of LGBTI ageing

                                  LGBTI+ Awareness Training for CHSP Providers: Part 1 – Foundations Tickets, Tue 17/10/2023 at 1:00 pm | Eventbrite

                                  Part 2 – Actions & Initiatives

                                  Val’s presents part 2 of LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care training  LGBTI+ Inclusive Practice – Actions and Initiatives. This focus of this session is around the development of inclusive practice actions and initiatives in your service or individual practice.

                                  This 2-hour, online session is delivered via Zoom and is for staff working across CHSP and/or supporting older people in the community or care settings. You are required to have participated in previous Val’s LGBTI Ageing & Aged Care training and/or the current Part 1 module – LGBTI+ Awareness Training – Foundations.

                                  The session will not provide LGBTI+ awareness information but rather introduce and/or develop LGBTI+ inclusive practice and will cover the following:

                                  • An overview of aged care sector requirements, diversity/inclusive practice frameworks, reforms relating to LGBTI+ inclusive practice
                                  • Information about LGBTI+ inclusion and cultural safety
                                  • Tools for LGBTI+ inclusive practice
                                  • Opportunities to discuss and workshop LGBTI+ inclusive practice for older LGBTI+ people as they relate to your care environments.

                                  LGBTI+ Inclusive Practice for CHSP : Part 2 – Actions & Initiatives Tickets, Wed 06/12/2023 at 1:00 pm | Eventbrite

                                    Wellness & Reablement Professional Development

                                    Thursday 9th of November 10am-11:30am via ZOOM

                                    Delivered by Consultants: Sally Bambrook & Holly Kercheval

                                    This session will provide a refresher on the Wellness & Reablement Principles/ framework, providing opportunies for reflection and sharing of practice.

                                    Click here to learn more and to register

                                      Free Aged Care Learning Packages

                                      Wicking has developed free Equip Aged Care Learning Packages which are now available for anyone interested in the aged care sector, including personal care workers, nurses, allied health professionals, volunteers and families.

                                      • FREE – all modules are completely free
                                      • Learn when it suits you. Modules can be accessed at any time
                                      • Each module only takes around 10 minutes to complete
                                      • Accessible on a phone, tablet, or computer

                                      Each learning module highlights key concepts on contemporary aged care topics and encourages participants to continue their learning by providing additional resources

                                      A free, downloadable certificate of completion is available for each module. On completion of all modules in the introductory or refresher learning package, an additional certificate is available which details learning and CPD hours.

                                      Click here to learn more.

                                      Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) Manual 2023–2024

                                      This 2023–2024 manual provides an overview of the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), including the service types it funds and requirements for delivering those services. It is for CHSP-funded service providers to use, and forms part of their CHSP grant agreement.

                                      Click here to learn more.

                                      Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Presentation for CHSP Volunteer Involving Organisations

                                      The Stories at the Heart of Recruitment – Recruitment and Retention strategy for CHSP providers. This presentation is aimed at providing recruitment and retention strategies for Volunteer involving organisations (VIO’s) that provide CHSP services through volunteers. This presentation is ideally face to face with much discussion and further information provided. Online recorded options will be provided at a later date.

                                      Click here to learn more.

                                      ORANGES Toolkit – Virtual / Online Sessions

                                      3Bridges and STARS brings you Oranges toolkit – agility and resilience at work … for **
                                      CHSP providers, board members, managers and team leaders… Make this your professional development program for the new financial year.

                                      A Camp Quality social enterprise, Oranges toolkit is a FREE 8 week online program in 2 hour sessions will commence Wednesday 30 August – 5 December 2023.

                                      Click here to learn more.

                                      Upcoming programs for CHSP providers

                                      Board Briefing and Reform update 5 6th July 5pm – 6.30pm

                                      Facilitated by Enkindle

                                      MAC Provider Portal – making it easy 7 18th July 1pm – 2.30pm

                                      Facilitated by Kate Pascale

                                      Aboriginal Cultural Awareness and Safety 2 19th July 9.30am – 3.30pm includes Aboriginal Art experience

                                      Facilitated by Wunum

                                      Formulating an Attraction and Recruitment Plan 3 27th July 10am

                                      Facilitated by Enkindle

                                      MAC Provider Portal – Making it Easy 4 23rd August 2pm – 3.30pm

                                      Facilitated by Kate Pascale

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                                        Towards Specialisation | People from CALD Backgrounds | Friday 18th August 2023. 9.30am – 11.00am.

                                        This online workshop supports you to understand the Specialisation Verification Framework and how it can benefit your organisation

                                        Towards Specialisation Workshop Series

                                        This series of 8 online workshops supports you to understand the Specialisation Verification Framework & how it can benefit your organisation & communities. Each workshop focuses on the people & communities recognised as special needs groups in the Aged Care Act 1997.

                                        The Framework is tremendously beneficial whether you apply for Verification or not.

                                          Click here to register

                                          Towards Specialisation | Veterans | Thursday 20th July 2023. 9.30am – 11.00am.

                                          This online workshop supports you to understand the Specialisation Verification Framework and how it can benefit your organisation

                                          Towards Specialisation Workshop Series

                                          This series of 8 online workshops supports you to understand the Specialisation Verification Framework & how it can benefit your organisation & communities. Each workshop focuses on the people & communities recognised as special needs groups in the Aged Care Act 1997.

                                          The Framework is tremendously beneficial whether you apply for Verification or not.

                                            Click here to register

                                            Important changes to your Home Care Package budget

                                            The Australian Government is funding a 15% increase to aged care worker wages from 1 July 2023. If you receive a Home Care Package, this will mean an increase to your package budget to ensure your services (including hours of service) are not impacted.

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                                              Tools and promotional resources for your clinic

                                              Tools to assist your dementia diagnosis conversations with your patients.

                                                Click here to visit

                                                Formulating a Workforce Attraction and Recruitment Plan; facilitated by Tash Edwards from Enkindle.

                                                With an increased demand for Aged Care services, there is a need to effectively recruit and attract new workers to the sector. We know aged care providers are dealing with workforce supply issues, and sector reports have also highlighted how undervalued Aged Care workers are in our society and how we can play a role in changing the narrative for the better.In this webinar, Tash Edwards will present up-to-date recruitment attraction trends and strategies to help you better retain your workforce. Providing practical recommendations and tactics to enhance your organisational approach towards sourcing and attracting skilled talent into your team.

                                                This 2-hour webinar (incl. Q & A) hosted by Tash Edwards, Aged Care and Workforce Specialist,
                                                will cover the following topics:
                                                Government-funded Initiatives to support planning, attraction, and Recruitment
                                                Employment Alliances, Partnerships and Training Pathway for Aged Care Workers
                                                Supporting and Supervising new recruits as they navigate their way through their new role
                                                Free and Affordable resources to assist in orientating your new workforce

                                                  Click here to learn more

                                                  Webinar – New regulatory approach to aged care

                                                  A new model for regulating aged care – 9 May 2023

                                                  We’re developing a new model for regulating aged care as part of the changes to improve the quality and safety of aged care in Australia. We’re hosting this webinar to share the details and seek your views on the changes we’re proposing.

                                                    Click here to learn more

                                                    Beyond Blue’s Professional Education to Aged Care (PEAC) e-learning program

                                                    Explanation of training:

                                                    To improve the detection and management of anxiety and depression experienced by older adults in residential and community aged care settings. The modules in the program include:

                                                    – Understanding anxiety and depression
                                                    – Anxiety and depression in older people
                                                    – Promoting the mental health of community aged care clients
                                                    – Promoting the mental health of aged care residents
                                                    – Identifying and responding to suicide in aged care settings (new)
                                                    – Managing anxiety and depression in aged care clients and residents
                                                    – Looking after your mental health at work (new).

                                                      Click here to learn more

                                                      Mapping Social Cohesion 2019: Summary Video

                                                      Explanation of training:

                                                      Key findings of 2019 Scanlon mapping report; how changing demographics impact social cohesion

                                                        Click here to view the video

                                                        All One Together

                                                        Explanation of training:

                                                        Anti-racism – ECCV campaign: How do we want to be together ?what is racism? What is the experience of being othered? What does a successful multi-cultrualism look like?

                                                          Click here to view the training video

                                                          Pure Magic Workshop Series

                                                          SESSION 1:  (Wednesday 26th April 2023)
                                                          Keep your Cool – Never miss a Beat in Business

                                                          SESSION 2: (Wednesday 17th May 2023)
                                                          Creating a great workplace culture for all of us

                                                          SESSION 3: (Wednesday 31st May 2023)
                                                          Engage in your Role, Love your Job

                                                          SESSION 4: (Wednesday 7th June 2023)
                                                          The Power of Positive Influencing others

                                                            Click here for more information and to register for these workshop sessions.

                                                            Responding to suspected elder abuse: Professional education workshops

                                                            This interactive professional education workshop is designed to assist health and aged care practitioners to respond when elder abuse is suspected or disclosed.

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                                                              Understanding and responding to Diversity – “Connecting the Pieces”

                                                              The Connecting the Pieces video (and accompanying Guide) articulates the unique aspects of diversity and person centred care and importantly, the relationship between these approaches, how they influence each other and the need for diversity and person centred care to be understood throughout the continuum of the client’s journey.

                                                              Click here to view the training video

                                                              Addressing Diversity within the Aged Care Quality Standards

                                                              Overview of the session:

                                                              • Introduce the theories of power, privilege and intersectionality, and their relationship with meeting consumers expectations, preferences and needs;
                                                              • Support service providers to understand how to address consumers’ diversity within the Aged Care Quality Standards
                                                              • Use case studies to highlight how diversity considerations apply to each standard

                                                              Click here to learn more

                                                              Inclusive Service Standards

                                                              Explanation of training:

                                                              The Inclusive Service Standards: A resource for aged care providers was developed by the Centre for Cultural Diversity in Ageing to assist aged care providers in the development and the delivery of inclusive services to all consumers. These standards inform the Aged Care Standards.

                                                              Click here to watch the training video.

                                                              Inner West Sydney and Central West regions aged care services capacity building interchange meeting.

                                                              Topic: Aged Care Reform Agenda – A Workforce Perspective

                                                              TUESDAY: 4 Apr 2023. 2:00PM – 3:30PM:

                                                              Click here to learn more.

                                                              Diversity and the Aged Care Standards

                                                              Explanation of training:

                                                              Talk about how diversity is embedded in the Aged Care Quality Standards.

                                                              How does your organisation embed diversity in line with new Aged Care Quality Standards?

                                                              Click here to watch the training video.

                                                              Home care leaders masterclass

                                                              As the home care sector moves towards this transition, members of boards and executive management will be required to have a clear understanding of their obligations across a range of key issues and challenges. This not only includes learning and adapting to policy changes for governance requirements but also strategic leadership, in order to successfully navigate organisational reforms in a customer-driven, competitive marketplace

                                                              Click here to learn more.

                                                              Aged care service capacity building interchange meeting.

                                                              Topic: Update on Aged Care Reforms.

                                                              Tuesday, 14th February 2023. 2pm-3:30pm.

                                                              Click here to learn more and to register.

                                                              Webinar Invitation – ‘Site audits in residential aged care’ 

                                                              Approved residential aged care providers and services are invited to attend a webinar, ‘Site audits in residential aged care’, hosted by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission. 

                                                              Click here to register!

                                                              National Sector Support Development Network ACCPA Update

                                                              Click here to view the Powerpoint

                                                              Consultation on an exposure draft of the Inspector – General of Aged Care Bill

                                                              The Australian Government is seeking feedback on a draft Inspector-General of Aged Care Bill (the Bill) to establish a new independent statutory office – the Inspector-General of Aged Care (Inspector-General) – to provide oversight of, and to drive improvements in the aged care system.

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                                                              Alternate Operation Models

                                                              The training has been developed to assist CHSP providers to consider alternate business models in home care. This is to assist the home care sector to prepare for the In Home Aged Care program.

                                                              Click here to view

                                                              Welcome to the Aged Care Engagement Hub

                                                              The Australian Government is putting security, dignity, quality and humanity back into aged care. This is in response to the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety’s final report.

                                                              Click here to view

                                                              Preparing for the new in-home aged care program – Service Provider Fact Sheet No.1

                                                              Click here to view

                                                              Summary A New Program for In-HomeAged Care
                                                              Discussion Paper

                                                              Click here to view

                                                              A New Program for In-HomeAged Care
                                                              Discussion Paper

                                                              Click here to view

                                                              Understanding Unit Costing for CHSP Providers.

                                                              Click here to view

                                                              In-Home Care Financial Management & Reform.

                                                              Click here to view

                                                              Serious Incident Response Strategy Training.

                                                              Click here to view

                                                              Supporting home care reforms among CHSP providers – Update.

                                                              Click here to view

                                                              Aged care reforms – an overview.

                                                              Click here to view

                                                              CHSP Transition Support Grant Opportunity

                                                              Click here to view

                                                              Summary of changes to the CHSP manual 2022- 2023.

                                                              Click here to view

                                                              National Guide to the CHSP Client Contribution Framework

                                                              Click here to view

                                                              Home Care Packages
                                                              Program Operational Manual
                                                              A guide for home care providers

                                                              Click here to view

                                                              CHSP COVID-19 Emergency Support

                                                              Click here to view

                                                              CHSP Grant Opportunity Guidelines

                                                              Click here to view

                                                              Click here to view extension

                                                              CHSP Manual 2022

                                                              Click here to view

                                                              CHSP Unit Costing Tool Template

                                                              Click here to view

                                                              Quality and safety in home services. 5 key areas of risk.

                                                              Guidance for governing bodies of home service providers

                                                              Click here to view

                                                              Get involved with the in-home aged care consultations visit the Ageing and Aged Care Engagement Hub.

                                                              Click here to get involved.

                                                              Reforming in-home aged care and regulation update

                                                              The Australian Government is determined to deliver reforms to Australia’s aged care system that improve the care delivered to older Australians.

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