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2 weeks x 1.5-hour program Wednesday 29th September & 6th October 2021 at 2.00pm.
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General public

2 weeks x 1.5-hour program Thursday 14th & 21st October at 03.00pm.
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Community Service Providers

6 weeks x 1 hour program Commencing October 28, November 4, 11, 18 & 25th
& finishing up on December 2nd at 10.00am.
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Simple, effective tools for greater resilience, productivity, and creativity.

Be better equipped to deal with life stressors, in a time when drought, floods, pandemics and plagues seem to prevail.

“Thrive, not just survive”

“94% of participants said they would be very likely to recommend the program to someone else”


The State of Mind programs give participants simple, effective tools for greater resilience, productivity and creativity. You will learn to be less triggered by colleagues, family and high pressure situations, and feel better equipped to deal with the daily stressors of life, which are significant at this point in time given some of us have been facing drought, mouse plagues and ongoingly, covid restrictions.


Taught in an engaging and experiential way, participants learn simple, effective tools to monitor and transform the way they use their mind. Designed to lift performance under pressure, the program demonstrates the interconnectedness of body, breath and mind and provides a suite of tools to apply as needed.

The program was incubated and has had celebrated success with elite sporting teams such as the Rabbitohs, 2014 Premiership winners, and St Kilda, lifting them from wooden spooners into the top half of the ladder. The tools have been successfully implemented across a wide range of industries from construction to banking, and not-for-profits to global food manufacturers.

They are very simple and combine body, mind and breath to give participants an understanding of what’s going on physiologically when they’re faced with high pressure situations and, in so doing, gives them more choices as to how to respond. Simple, effective and science-based, the suite of tools are integrated into their daily routine and provide the ability to move intuitively between desired states of mind.

Each of these 3 online deliveries will be complemented by providing participants with access to my stand-alone online training series of 14 videos of 11 minutes each, that take viewers in an interactive way, through the entire suite of 22 tools. The program comes with a journal that can be printed.

We will send out a pre and post workshop survey to be able to track improvements in people’s well-being and state of mind.


Your facilitator

Dr Samantha Graham has over 20 years experience designing education programs and facilitating leadership development in the corporate and not-for- profit sectors. Sam has worked with over 3000 clients in face to face environments and presciently, created an online program way before covid, so has also been delivering her programs digitally for over 4 years.

She has a PhD in transformative executive education from a UK Business School and has designed and delivered courses for numerous organisations, including Edinburgh, Sydney and Western Sydney Universities.

She believes in making the complex simple, so people can thrive, rather than just survive.