“The team are very hands on and interested in each role that is listed.

They went above and beyond and offered advice on our overall volunteer program, not just the role that was listed.”

Clare Stuart

Turberous Sclerosis Australia

The Neighbourhood Centre aims are to increase opportunities for people to participate in the social and economic life of their broader community through volunteering, by:

  • Building effective volunteering practices and opportunities within organisations and communities.
  • Increasing the diversity of volunteers.
  • Improving access to information on volunteering.
  • Providing access to the training, resources and that support volunteers and volunteer involving organisations need.


TNC delivers services in line with the two focus areas of the New Volunteer Management Activity program. These are:

  1. To build the capacity of volunteer involving organisations to enable:
  • Best practice recruitment and training of volunteers.
  • Best practice strategies for supporting and retaining volunteers.
  • Best practice volunteer management.
  • Provision of information, tools, training and resources for volunteer involving organisations including:
  • Regulatory obligations and risk management (governance, work health and safety, insurance, background checks).


  1. Provide services to build the capacity of volunteer involving organisations to break down barriers to volunteering for one or more identified priority group, and if deemed the most effective approach, provide face-to-face services to support these groups to participate in volunteering. These priority groups include:
  • People with Disability.
  • First Nations People.
  • Newly Arrived Migrants (first five years).


Contact Us:

Phone: (02) 6332 4866
Email: Bathurst Inquiries: volprograms@binc.org.au
Blayney, Oberon & Orange Inquiries: vmp@binc.org.au

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