Nadene (Volunteer Testimonial):

We are sad to say good bye to Nadene, as she has been a hard working volunteer and smiling face on our front desk. She says "The staff at the Centre were very warm and welcoming without judgement, they understood where I was emotionally, and were very patient and supportive ....... I have been doing 2-3 shifts per week at the Centre, and now have been successful in obtaining full-time work. My experience with the Neighbourhood Centre has been positive and confidence building. Thank you so very much." Everyone at the Neighbourhood Centre wishes you all the very best into the future!


Leonie (Learner Driver Testimonial):

Leonie successfully gained her Provisional licence nearly two years ago.

“once I gained my licence I was able to get employment. The LD Program gave me more confidence and independence, and to get a job. I am able to do more things, having a licence is definitely life changing.I have even been able to now buy myself a better car and give my daughter my old car because I have now had this job for 12 months. The Program really helped me, a really valuable Program.The instructors and TNC staff were really helpful.”

Patima (Migrant Support Testimonial)

Patima first contacted the Neighbourhood Centre in September this year. She had arrived on a partner visa from Thailand and had been in Australia for three years. After her marriage breakdown and financial and emotional challenges, through the use of interpreters Jackie has advocated and supported her through these times. Patima was worried she would not be able to ...live in Australia on her own as she had been isolated in her marriage.

Through help with her tutor at TAFE, Jackie the migrant support worker at The Neighbourhood Centre, Elizabeth Evatt Community Legal Aid, and friends she realises she is not alone.

Patima has now successfully gained Permanent Residency!!