Other Services at The Neighbourhood Centre


The Neighbourhood Centre

Offers an information and referral service that helps people find information they need on:community services, local associations, self help groups and leisure activities.

It is a great place for those who are new to Bathurst and want to access local networks and services; also for those who have a need or query and are not sure where to go for help or support.

For those who wish to expand their interests and activities or wish to contribute to the community through volunteering, The Neighbourhood Centre can help you investigate the possibilities.

Co-Located Services at the Neighbourhood Centre

Disability Advocacy

Disability Advocacy is a support and advocacy service for people with disabilities, their families and carers.

HopeCare Bathurst
HopeCare is a Bathurst based not-for-profit agency whose creative projects provide compassionate solutions to address disadvantage.  All funds generated through sales at the Bargain Centre and the Junktion are sown back into Bathurst community to provide support and relief to those in need.



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Bathurst Interagency Directory


Access policy. Approximately one hundred other community groups use the services of The Neighbourhood Centre in a range of ways. Although we request a donation for the use of rooms and office space, it is purely voluntary, as we wish to make our service accessible to all and would not like to exclude any group or individual on any basis particularly financial.

Co-Located Services

Disability Advocacy
Email: centralwest@da.org.au
Phone: 6332 1200

Legal Advice Clinic
Weekly Clinic on Thursdays
Phone: 6332 4866
Provided by Legal Aid

Tax Help
July to October
Phone: 6332 4866
Provided by the Australian Taxation Office