About Us

The Neighbourhood Centre has supported the Bathurst Community and beyond for over 44 years. We enable communities to come together, to strengthen, participate, develop and celebrate. Through our staff (19) and valuable volunteers (over 80, including our volunteer Board) we provide programs, activities, and support groups, and access to information, facilities and meeting spaces through Bathurst and Oberon Neighbourhood Centres.

The Neighbourhood Centre Strategy

Quality, sustainable, collaborative and relevant services.


Supporting inclusive and strong communities.


To connect people, resources and ideas to support individuals and strengthen their communities.


Respect, Integrity, Equality, Inclusion.


The Neighbourhood Centre Strategic Goals:

Person Centre Focus: All services and activities will put people first.

Building Capacity: Support individuals, families and communities to develop and grow.

Quality Service: Provide an environment that is informative, supportive and welcoming.

Collaboration: Develop and maintain cooperative partnerships and networks.

Recognised and known within the community.

As a professional, responsive service provider.

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Some of the staff at The Neighbourhood Centre