Celebrating Neighbourhood Centre Week! – 17/05/2022

Celebrating Well Women’s Day! – 13/05/2022

MOB Motoring Workshop 1 – 11/05/2022

MOB Motoring enables more First Nation and Torres Strait Islander people  to have their own licence. This program builds education, awareness and compliance of road rules.

Funded by Transport NSW.

Harmony Day – 21/03/2022

Bathurst Regional Council & The Neighbourhood Centre are celebrating by featuring some of Bathurst’s multicultural community members in these photos and this heart warming feature film: https://youtu.be/n7dPnxnDzWg

Men Connect BBQ – 02/03/2022


Learner Driver Client. 23/02/2021

Client receiving his P plates!!

My Brilliant Career Week. 17/02/2021

Iryna with her Citizenship certificate, Australia Day 2022.

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