The Neighbourhood Centre Front Desk Volunteer

How long have you been volunteering?

I have been volunteering at The Neighbourhood Centre for about 6 years. Every day is a bit different and this is something I love.

Comments from The Neighbourhood Centre

“Delores is a friendly and welcoming person who is always respectful to members of our community who visit our Centre. Delores has a friendly and warm approach, and she knows appropriate ways to support all members of the community who visit our Centre. She understands matters she can deal with independently and which matters need referral for additional support. Delores has a background in nursing (she is a former Pediatric nurse) and she has significant experience in working with people. When Delores commenced volunteering at The Neighbourhood Centre she indicated that she preferred a different role – something different and challenging, and also being mindful of mobility restrictions. Delores has been wonderful as a Front Desk Volunteer. Other tasks Delores has helped with include Community Care Calls (during COVID-19). We love having her as one of our Reception Volunteers and we appreciate her support. “

Key learning for Volunteer Managers

Find out the experience and skills which volunteers already have/ what they want to develop. Don’t assume that just because they have experience in particular areas already that they will want a volunteer role in this area – sometimes volunteers are looking for new opportunities.