The Neighbourhood Centre Reception Volunteer and Bubs & Toddlers Group

Comments from Verna

“I support our community by leading a group for Bubs  and Toddlers on Fridays. I have experience in working with children and families due to my nursing background and I enjoy spending time with them. I can apply my skills and knowledge when I lead this group. In my role as a Front Desk Volunteer I enjoy helping with enquiries for information and referrals. There is so much happening in our community and I love to find out information and to share it so people can participate in the things they enjoy. I have been a volunteer at a local aged care service for a few years now and I visit the residents to listen to their stories, they really enjoy having visitors. In the school holidays I often take one of my grandchildren with me too.”

Comments from The Neighbourhood Centre

“Verna has a great sense of humour, and she is extremely reliable and committed to our community. Her current volunteer role includes Front Desk Volunteer and leading the Bubs and Toddlers group. Verna has also assisted us in a volunteer role at a local nursing home by visiting residents and she has brought great joy to them. Although we no longer have funding for this program, Verna continues to visit residents as she knows how important her visits are to them – they look forward to seeing her each week, and for many people it is the highlight of their week. Verna volunteers with us two days each week.”

Key learning for Volunteer Managers

Remember to share information effectively with volunteers, especially when they support your organization in a part-time capacity. We have established good communication systems to share information which enables our volunteers to undertake tasks efficiently and effectively (this includes team meetings, communication books, training, verbal updates.